Breathe into your balance


MusicforMoods is a tool for improving your Heart Rate Variability and well-being. By following the guided breathing instructions and purpose-written music, you can obtain a Heart Rate Variability that is optimal for your system. The app measures your pulse through the smartphone's camera and shows you how your heart is responding.



Achieve similar benefits to Yoga and meditation without being a Yogi.


For hundreds of years, in a quest for calmness and serenity, people have gathered to sing, pray or chant mantras. We have taken one of the key secrets behind these actions - the breathing and the heart - and made it accessible to everybody. Just follow the instructions and watch the circles grow, indicating a healthy heart rate rhythm and a more harmonic state. Watch how you progress over time.


(on Iphone, please hold the button for a second and choose Appstore)

(on Iphone, please hold the button for a second and choose Appstore)


Rickard Åström creates the music in an academic research project into how music affect us. In this research project, he has been able to watch closely how heart and breathing is affected by music. Based on these findings, he has created new music that organically guides your breathing for optimal rhythm for your heart. This music is now available exclusively on this app, and more music is on the way.