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 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: The app asks me to put my finger on, but it is already on the smartphone camera.

A: Swiftly remove your finger and put it back. If it doesn't work, try to adjust angle or position of your finger. Don't press to hard. Some covers might be in the way. It could also be that the app doesn't have permission to access the camera, which you can change in the phones Settings.

Q: I am not used to breathe this deep and slowly, sometimes I feel dizzy.

A: Just relax and breath at your own pace, and continue whenever you feel ready. The more you practice with the app, the easier it will get.

Q: Do I need to look at the screen all the time?

A: No, you can just close your eyes and lean back.

Q: Is there a way to turn of the voice? The music and waves sounds is enough to pace my breathing.

A: Just tap the screen and you can turn the voice on or off from the bubble on the top left corner. Turn the pulse curve on or off at the top right corner.

Q: What does the circles and "you reached X %" mean?

A: A higher percentage means you have managed to relax and follow the breathing pattern. You are on the right track! Read more at How the app works

Q: What does SDNN mean?

A: SDNN means Standard Deviation Normal to Normal, and is a measure of the variation in time between beat to beat. It represents total Heart rate variability which generally is a health sign. Read more at How the app works